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Stig Lommers Plads 3
Frederiksberg, , 2000

+45 31555042


Choke Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was established in 2004. We are the most traditional BJJ organization in Denmark and the only group that is directly connected to the Gracie Family in Brazil and in the United States. In fact, when the Gracies come to Scandinavia they usually train and teach at our schools.

We have two schools - Copenhagen & Århus - and over 700 members.

Our founder and head instructor is Professor Joao Pedro Santos, who is a third degree black belt under 8th degree Carlson Gracie disciple Sergio "Bolao" Souza. 

The name Choke is short, strong and relates directly to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. According to Grand Master Helio Gracie, it is also the most powerful move in Jiu-Jitsu . It was suggested by Morten Pedersen, one of our first students.

Our logo is evidently based on the traditional Gracie Academy logo that's been used in Brazil for almost a century. There are three equilateral triangles inside the circle. They represent balance and connection to our roots.


Expanded Blue Belt Program in CPH


Starting on Monday, September 2nd we expand our Blue Belt Program. From now on the second training session on Mondays - traditionally one of the busiest nights of the week - becomes a 90-minute Blue Belt class.  We will use this timeslot to introduce the main theme of the week.

Blue Belt Class at Choke CPH

This means that we now offer three Blue Belt Program classes every week: Mon 1830-2000, Tue 1930-2030 and Thu 1930-2030 (NoGi). As usual, every student is welcome to join these classes regardless of rank and experience.

Click on the updated weekly schedule below to download it in PDF format. 

Choke CPH Weekly Schedule 2013.09

Choke CPH Weekly Schedule 2013.09